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Sultry Server FAQ

1) Can I have Ftp access?
Yes every account has FTP as well as a web based file manager.

2) Can I have your text links removed from my site?
No, the links keep this service free. Any attempt to remove or interfere with the normal display
of our links is grounds for immediate termination.

3) Can I use Front Page to create my web pages?
As long as you save your work as standard html it will work fine.

4) Can I have a CGI directory?

5) Can I have a non-adult site on Sultry Server?
Yes you may but keep in mind that our advertising will be adult in nature.

6) Your advertising is screwing up my frames!
Frames will not work correctly, we suggest you use tables instead.

7) Why is your advertising showing up several times on my site?
This happens when you use more than one <Body> tag in your html.
There is no need to use the <Body> tag more than once.
i.e. Don't do this:
<Body bgcolor ="red">
<Body text="white">
Instead put all your body tags on one line.
Do it this way:
<Body bgcolor="red" text="white"> etc....

8) What's your max file size limit?
100 MB

9) What file types do you allow?
If you need a additional file type simply email us and we will enable it for you.

10) Do you redirect traffic?
No we will never redirect your traffic.

11) I have a domain name, can I use it?
We do not offer DNS services however you should be able to redirect your domain name to your Sultry Server web site.
Check with your registrar for information on how to do this.

12) Are there any restrictions to what kind of content I'm allowed?
Yes, there are certain things that will not be tolerated!
NO CHILD PORN, we will report your IP address to the FBI.
No rape sites. No hate sites. No warez, hacks, or crack sites. No password trading sites.
Your site must be legal. As long as your site is legal you will not have any problems with Sultry Server.

Sultry Server is owned and operated by Qualified Hosting, Inc.